Overview of C# programming

About C# Programming Language

In 2000, Microsoft announced the C# programming language. C# has roots in C, C++ and Java. C# has similar capabilities to Java and is appropriate for the most demanding app-development tasks, especially for building today’s large-scale enterprise apps, web-based, mobile and “cloud”-based apps .

C# is object oriented and has access to the powerful .NET Framework Class Library—a vast collection of prebuilt classes that enable you to develop apps quickly.

C# is event driven. You’ll write programs that respond to user-initiated events such as mouse clicks, keystrokes, timer expirations, touches and finger swipes—gestures that are widely used on smartphones and tablets.

C# also allows asynchronous programming in which multiple tasks can be performed at the same time. Asynchronous make your apps more responsive to user interactions, such as mouse clicks and keystrokes, among many other uses.

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